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About us

Opening of the Shop

Moving to new country can be overwhelming. Especially when everything from the weather to the culture is different from what you have known. Despite this, Saji embraced the challenge and immersed himself in Canadian Culture while finishing his studies.

Over time he became accustomed to the new culture and worked as a nutritionist at a local hospital. What helped him achieve these goals were the other Keralites that he had met along the way. Together they had formed a tight-knit community, but something was still missing.

Saji felt that this home away from home would not be complete without incorporating more from Kerala. This thought sparked a new goal in his mind:

“To bring Keralam to Canada”

With this new goal in mind, Saji set out to bring to Canada unique items that can only be found in Kerala. He had succeeded in his aspiration and in 1996 Royal Kerala Foods opened it doors for the first time. Since then, Saji has been regularly visiting Kerala and hand-picking specialized goods to import to Canada.

He proudly says “These are items you won’t find anywhere else”.

Our Vision

To bring Keralam to Canada.

Our Mission

To offer a unique retail experience, by providing the best and largest assortment of South Indian Groceries in Canada.

convenience of choice

With a variety of brands for every item, you will always find what you need

Canada Wide

Through the years we have been providing fresh quality South Indian products to people all over Canada.